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Achieve the Best Body of Your Life With Core Fitness and Martial Arts

Core fitness and martial arts just go together very well. Besides training on self-defense, self-defense is all about total body conditioning. That’s actually the benefit most of us get from combat arts, fitness at a level you’ve never experienced before. But what does this have to do with core fitness. First off, let’s explore the connection between core fitness and martial arts in more detail.First off, let’s define what your core is. For our purposes, the core of your body starts at your chest and goes to just below your hips. I’m not really concerned if you include your shoulders in your definition of “core” or not. The basic idea is that you’re not taking into account your legs and your arms.

Athletic strength, whether that be to throw a ball or throw a punch, begins in the core of your body, more specifically your hips. All of these types of movement from a golf swing, to throwing a baseball, to hitting someone with a right hook are motions that are generated in your hips. Your trunk, arms, and hands just serve to transmit the motion. So, as you get better at martial arts, your core gets stronger. But more importantly, it works in the reverse.You can greatly improve your martial arts performance by improving your core and trunk fitness. This is really the connection between core fitness and martial combative arts.

If you look at elite self defense artists, Bruce Lee, for instance, you’ll see that their bodies are very well proportioned. With their shirts on they look like everyone else. Here’s another thing about core strength and martial arts-it’s not about being “big”. It’s about being strong.Core fitness and self-defense complement each other very well. With martial arts you can dramatically increase your core strength. With better core fitness, your martial self defense arts will take off.